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“Sponsor me” footage from Middle school rider, Haruki. It’s amazing to see as a 15 year old takes action to film and edit this footage himself. And a big thumbs up to his friends who helped him with the filming.
Check out the interview with his footage!

About you
Name: Haruki Yonamine
Age: 15 (Currently in middle school
From: Tokyo
Where do you always ride?
Recently I ride around Tachikawa, Shinjuku, and Shibuya! For parks I ride at Musashino Street Sports Plaza and Planet Park in Tobuki is my local area.
What made you start riding BMX?
My mom suggest it to me when I was in the 2nd grade.

About the footage
I made this footage hoping one day I can join the animal bikes team because I love them.
I think I nailed the East-coast quick style.
I hope this footage will be seen all over the world.

Haruki IG:

Translate: Grace Yuri