Runa Hattori recently joined the BMX team of Motocross International and now riding for Sunday Bikes. He is one of the young riders who have a good momentum now.

An interview we did for MOTO-BUNKA Magazine is now released online.

Q. About you.
Runa Hattori, 19 years old. I’m from Shonan, Japan.I’ve been riding for 7 years for BMX parts brand YELL BRAND led by Yugo, apparel brand CELLADOORS, Sunday Bikes, and HIGH LIGHT GANG.

 Q. How long did you live in Hawaii? Why did you choose Hawaii as your study abroad destination?
I lived there for almost a year, I chose Hawaii because my father was studying abroad in Hawaii when he was a student so it was an easy choice for me. I wanted to enjoy surfing as well as BMX. And plus Hawaii has gun restrictions, and there are many Japanese people so there is already an environment where Japanese people can live better than in mainland USA.

Q. I don’t know much about the BMX scene in Hawaii, Are there many riders?
There’s only a few riders. Everyone seems to move to California since there are few young riders, However there are many riders in their 30’s and 40’s in Hawaii.We would meet at a BMX SHOP called BIKE FACTORY once a week and have a BBQ. And it seems like everyone is on good terms, regardless of the genre, like park, street and trails.

Q. Did you enjoy BMX in Hawaii?
To be honest, I wanted to return to Japan, I would often ride by myself because there were only a few riders who had high motivation. Hawaiians are basically lazy… (laughs).

I would be riding at the skatepark alone even though I was riding with the crew, because everyone will immediately start drinking on the beach. Sometimes they will drink on the beach all day long until the sun goes down.

Q. Any advice for those who are thinking of studying abroad?
I can’t really recommend Hawaii if you study abroad, mostly for the BMX.I think you could enjoy it if you went on a tour. Also, there are so many cute girls,And it’s perfect because they wear bikinis all year round.

Q. By the way, how’s your English been since you got back?
Hmm, not much… (laughs)
I can speak enough English to live.

Q. One last word