Club Manners by MANNERS KNOWS

Club Manners by MANNERS KNOWS

Make sure to clean your ears out and listen closely! Club Manners

How to choose a club
– Be Careful of Dress Codes
Many clubs have a dress code overseas. If you plan to party make sure to pack simple trousers (avoid short trousers) and a collar shirt. You should avoid sandals as well. Bring a pair of nice clean sneakers if you’re serious. 

– Research the reviews and the local girls
Just as the BMX culture is different depending on the location the girls are different too. First talk to your homies from the local area and find out the rules to mingle. Then get prepared for the night. 

2. When you can’t speak English
– Win over the girl with your character or Drink or Personality

Let me be frank, don’t try to be cool. Maybe you’re shy. Those guys who stand against the wall with one hand in their pocket and the other smoking a cigarette trying to look as cool as a Hollywood star. I can just hear the girls say “I know those types of guys, they’re so lame.” This is the No.1 mistake beginners make. If you think you can pull it off with just your looks, unless you are as handsome as Johnny Depp or Joe Odagiri, you probably need to be reborn as good looking as them or we can’t begin at all. 

Be outgoing or if you’re shy, drink! Let the inner you climb out of your shell and get drunk! There’s nothing to be shy about. We are all human. Smile and just be like “yeah, yeah!” Keep eye contact and keep responding. If the conversation dies, pull out your phone and find a photo she will be interested in and say “I like this” or something. Use the power of technology. If you have money but the girl drinks. Put your desires aside and connect with love. 

3. If you have eye contact 

Smile. Or with a straight face tell her “You’re beautiful.”

Have confidence and be simple. Don’t worry. No girl will get upset when they are told they are beautiful. If you ever meet a girl that does retreat immediately. But don’t misunderstand that “You’re beautiful” is just a pickup line. Kick it off with buying the girl a drink. 

4. Time to fade out

You should act secretly like a ninja. 

If you and the girl get along it’s only a few steps to the goal. The next step is to get out of the club. Make sure you practice to be able to say smoothly “What are your plans after this? If you’re free let’s go somewhere else”. If you want to make it even more smooth, research a cool place to go beforehand. Or there’s always the option to ask the girl “I don’t know this area, can you show me somewhere cool” Now to get into the main subject. If you decide to leave the club, forget about your friends you came with. No point in dragging the girl to all your friends before leaving. Believe that they are enjoying and don’t break the vibe and try to leave the club in secret while enjoying the time with her. 

5. After the club

Follow your instincts. 

If you made it this far now it’s all up to you now. Of Course selfish behavior is taboo. With the consent from both sides it’s the start of making memories of only the two of you. Enjoy the time to the fullest and feel that breeze push you forward. 

Text and images by MANNERS KNOWS
Art work by  @keyb0w
Translate by Grace Yuri

Now published in MOTO-BUNKA magazine vol. 2

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