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Ryota Miyaji receives support from CULT

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Starting from Okayama and moving on to Nagoya, Okinawa, and Tokyo Ryota Miyaji continues to leave a mark. Just the other day he joined Motocross International as a rider and now received the support from BMX company “CULT”.

It was only last month when we were talking about Sponsors on the podcast. This is the latest hot topic that came right on time. Continue to read our interview with Ryoji Miyaji. 

Q1. Tell us your name, where you are from and age.
Ryota Miyaji, 20 years old. I’m from Okayama.

Q2 .How long have you been riding BMX? You had a strong image of riding Parks but the last few years you’ve been on the streets. 
It’s been 13 years riding BMX. I started from BMX races and then I started riding Trails and Parks. Anyways I tried to hard tricks.

Around Middle school I met Yuta Tominaga and he taught me other things besides BMX and started to go hang out in the city at night. I think I naturally started to ride on the streets a lot more from there. Anyways, I wanted time to ride BMX as much as possible so I went to Online high school and in the summer of 11th grade I went to San Diego. Tai, who is also from Okayama, lived there and let me stay at his place. I rode BMX every day while I was there. And that’s the time when I met Garret Reynolds and Chad Kerley, Gary Young and the guys from the first time. Everyone was great at the Skate park and the Streets were like where they went to challenge themselves. When I saw that for my very own eyes is when a switch turned me on to master Street riding. 

Q3. How does it feel to have a sponsor?
This is the first BMX company to Support me in my BMX life so I am motivated. Also, I am happy to be supported by a brand I like and because Brandon Begin and Trevor to name a few of my favorite riders belong to the CULT team too.

Q4. What are your plans now?
I will move to Tokyo next year. The shooting environment but also with many riders around my age there will be a lot of stimulation. I want to go abroad once this pandemic settles. 

Also, I will be releasing new video! It’s basically all ready and I hope to release it by the end of this year. Since I have received this great opportunity I will try my best to become Pro. 

Q5.Are there any Sponsors you have your eyes set on at the moment? 
That’ll be JBL. lol

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Translator: Grace Yuri